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Taught by Chris Richardson, an experienced software architect, author and serial entrepreneur.


An interview with Dave King, CTO

You recently took Chris’ two-day microservices architecture class. Can you summarize your experience?

This class was fantastic. Chris communicates complex concepts clearly. His sense of humor and calm nature are real strengths and he really helped my team build confidence. I was refreshing to learn about microservices architecture from someone who not only understood the decisions & tradeoffs we will need to manage but has the ability and experience to present pros and cons in a balanced way.

Why did you decide to schedule this kind of training?

My team has reached a point in our evaluation of microservices where we felt stuck. Some were on board with microservices, others had legitimate reservations that we were unable to address without outside help. We just felt that, as a team, we lacked enough information and experience to proceed together, with confidence. As the CTO, I wanted to have the whole team on board before we moved any further.

How did you decide to bring Chris in?

Chris was recommended to me by a colleague whom I respect. Part of my team had training elsewhere but given that recommendation, I thought it would be prudent to bring everyone together - those who had training and those who didn’t, and use that training as a way to get everyone one the same page.

Were your goals met?

Yes. Chris’ humor and ability to balance the discussion between pros and cons of not just a microservices architecture but more traditional approaches really helped my team come together and gave them a ton of confidence.

I know its only been a few weeks since you took the class, but do you have any way of quantifying value yet?

Well, this was really an expected bonus but I thought we needed to hire a really expensive dedicated architect and by getting my whole team together with Chris which included some really rich learning and discussions made us all realize that we had the right skill sets in our existing team - we did not need to increase our headcount which is great for our bottom line.

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