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Taught by Chris Richardson, an experienced software architect, author and serial entrepreneur.


Advanced microservices: Distributed data management in a microservice architecture

Audience: Developers and architects

Duration: 2 days, private on-site

Format: Lectures and discussions

In the class you will learn how to solve one of the key challenges of using the microservice architecture: distributed data management. In order to ensure loose coupling, each service has its own database. Consequently, implementing transactions and queries that span services is challenging. In this class, you will learn how to implement key patterns including sagas and CQRS.

The class is in-depth and very interactive, e.g. 30% presentation, 70% discussion. Please note that this is an advanced class that assumes basic knowledge of the microservice architecture.

Topics covered include:

  • An overview of microservices and the challenge of distributed data
  • Developing business logic with domain-driven design (DDD)
  • Maintaining data consistency using sagas
  • Developing business logic and sagas using event sourcing
  • Implementing queries using Command Query Responsibility segregation
  • Testing asynchronous microservices

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