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  We provide a variety of services including:

Training classes for Spring, Hibernate and Acegi Security

Jumpstarts to get your project off to the right start

Reviews to improve your architecture, code and development process



Publications and downloads

On this page you can find out about my book, open-source projects, presentations, and articles.


  POJOs in Action  

POJOs in Action - Developing enterprise applications with lightweight frameworks

This book describes the new, easier ways to develop enterprise Java applications. For more information see here.



open-source projects

I am the owner of the following open-source projects:

  • Cloud Tools - a framework, a maven plugin and other tools for simplifying Java EE development and deployment on Amazon EC2
  • Project Track (with Kito Mann) - an example of an application that uses JSF, Spring, Hibernate and Acegi Security
  • ORMUnit - a JUnit extension for testing a Hibernate-based persistent tier
  • Umangite - simplifies the development of Selenium web tests
  • Arid POJOs - framework for simplifying the development of enterprise Java applications that use Spring and Hibernate
  • AOP OOD  - sample code for my various presentations on improving code with domain driven design, aspects and dependency injection


Running Java and Grails applications on Amazon EC2, SD Forum Java SIG March 2009

Groovy on a Cloud: Testing Java EE Applications on Amazon EC2, JavaOne 2008

Developing on a Cloud with Amazon EC2, SD Forum SAM SIG, February 2008

Improving code with dependency injection and aspects, SD Forum Java SIG, February 2008.

Improving applications with dependency injection, aspects and objects, SV Web JUG September 2007.

Spring and rich domain models at SpringOne 2007.

Testing and JSF/Spring/Hibernate presentations at JavaOne 2007.

Overview of  POJO development with Spring and Hibernate, Silicon Valley BEA Dev2Dev User Group, June 2005 (slides, code)

Testing a persistence layer without a database (almost), JavaOne 2006 BOF (slides)

Please contact me if you have questions or comments about the code or would like me to give a talk at your company.


See here for the main index

ORM in Dynamic Languages, June 2008, Queue magazine article

Getting started with CloudTools, which is provides tools for deploying Java EE applications on Amazon EC2

Overview of Project Track, April 2007, article

ORMUnit cookbook, April 2007, article

Simplifying Spring's XML-based dependency injection, April 2007 blog entry

Untangling Enterprise Java, ACM Queue Magazine, June 2006, Link to ACM Queue

What is POJO programming? JDJ Magazine, February 2006. Link to JDJ

Returning to the EJB cult - developing with EJB 3, May 2005, blog entry

A Pattern Language for Web Application Development link to the PLoP 2001 (pdf)

Speeding Up J2EE Development and Increasing Reusability Using a Two Level Domain Model link to the ServerSide.

Simplifying Domain Model Persistence in a J2EE application by using JDO link to the ServerSide.

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